Adobe CC 2019 Deployment Issues

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I've read through several of the discussion on deploying Adobe CC apps and all have been very informative. However, I'm still having issues getting them deployed. My end goal is to make each app available in Self Service.

Our setup is a local SMB file share onsite and a cloud distribution point in AWS. AWS is the master but our machines used the SMB share when they are on the LAN.

I started out by trying to pull the .pkg file out of the build folder from the Adobe package that I built in the Adobe Admin Console, but I had issues getting that into Jamf Admin. After I would upload, save, and close Jamf Admin, upon reopen, the .pkg would be missing. I did some digging here and found the discussions on Adobe .pkg files, SMB shares, and needing to wrap the .pkg into a .dmg.

I followed the instructions here to do that:

When i look in the installPKGfromDMG log I can see:
- Mounting the DMG CC_Acrobat DC.dmg
-DMG mounted successfully as volume on device
-Installing Package from mount path
There was an error installing the package, Exit Code: 1

Any pointers on where to go from here?

One thing I've noticed is that gatekeeper doesn't love the 2019 app builds. I get the unidentified developer warning so I have to right click -> open then hit open to get the installer to run. Could this be causing my problem?


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I use the online console to build my CC package and upload the .pkg to Jamf Admin (where it makes it a and deploy it out. Haven't had any issues so far.

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I would suggest pre-zipping the .pkg file first and uploading that. I've had problems with Jamf Admin zipping the .pkg files reliably in the past and made creating a .zip of the .pkg a standard part of my workflow.

I don't believe you want to use a .dmg in this instance.

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Thanks for your replies. I'm not sure what was going on with Jamf Admin the other day when attempting to upload the .pkg but it's behaving today. I'm able to upload and deploy without issue.

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I always compress Adobe pkg files to .tar.gz archives, for use with SMB shares. The Adobe pkg file gets broken by the SMB protocols.

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Hi all,

the new InstallPKGsfromDMG is available.

Passed parameters are

If you need/want to bypass an untrusted installer. Supply parameter 6 with "YES" without quotes, and parameter 7 with "YES" without quotes.

If you want to install multiple pkgs from a single DMG, supply parameter 9 with "YES" without quotes.

Parameters 5, 6, 7, and 9 can be used in conjunction with each other.

There's just some packages that just don't like being installed using the jamf binary.

Hope this helps...

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@bsuggett Would you happen to have a link to the full updated version of the script? I cant find anything past 2018.

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@oartola This

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Totally agree with @bryantdresher

Used to have no issue uploading the pkg until March this year when for no reason the new build would fail on upload , zipped it and uploaded the zip and worked , deployed and works fine

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1) Creative Cloud Packager and AAMEE are not supported for CC 2019+. Jamf KB 161 specifically calls this out and links to this article instead.
2) The packages delivered by Adobe are Just upload these straight to your distribution point.
3) If you built the Adobe packages a while ago, there are some CC 2019 builds that were not notarized correctly and Adobe asks all customers to build fresh ones.