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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Hide OneDrive as a save location on Office 365 apps

Have been "googling" for some time now but cannot find the right solution I think! So, this is my scenario:I am about to change from Microsoft Volume Licensing Serializer to Azure AD enabled Office 365 apps.But I would like to hide the option for Sav...  View more

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deploying Big Sur

I want to use this for upgrading some clients to Big Sur.https://docs.jamf.com/technical-papers/jamf-pro/deploying-macos-upgrades/9.96/Packaging_and_Deploying_the_macOS_Installer.html While it is downloading the Big Sur PKG it is shown, but then sudd...  View more

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Packaging and Deploying Python and Applications

Hi, I have been asked to look at packaging and deploying Python, with a numver of additional applications - TensorFlow 2, scikit-learn, PyTorch and Matplotlib. These are the only ones for now. Where I am stuck is that I am not unsure how I'd go about...  View more

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Teamviewer QuickSupport EULA

Hello,is there any way to automatically accepting the End-User License Agreement when starting Teamviewer QuickSupport for the first time? I couldn't finde something on Google. Thanks in advance for any help!  View more

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Zoom Room Controller App Connection Issue

Looking for anyone with guidance on how to resolve this weird issue I am auto deploying the Zoom Room Controller app from JAMF via VPP to our Zoom Room iPads, and for the most part the app will auto install, I am able to open and login and get to our...  View more

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distributing XML for SAP 7.70

Hi Together, first a thank you for all the help I get here as a "newbie" from all of you. I am currently distributing SAP for JAVA 7.70 the package works without any problems. SAP works fine but what I can't manage yet is to distribute the XML. I hav...  View more

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Autopkgr Automation Help

Howdy All! I have been working with autopkgr and I have everything configured enough for it to run almost hands free, but I have 2 main things still missing that would complete the automation process. Issue #1I am having a hard time getting autopkgr ...  View more

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How to force and update for a specific application.

Hello! I am new to JAMF and was thrown into the thick of things managing several hundred iPads and a couple of dozen Macs. Regarding mobile devices, the organization I work for uses Lightspeed as their mobile POS. Several sites have reported issues p...  View more

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KACE AMPagent - Big Sur

Has anyone been successful in deploying the KACE agent (11.0.123) to Big Sur Macs? I've been having trouble since tokens were introduced. The AMPagent.pkg I'm using already has our server address and token information pre-filled. Previously, I was us...  View more

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Migrating from Zoom Plugin to Zoom Add-in

Hello, I've been working on removing the soon to be decommissioned Zoom Mac Outlook Plugin and implementing the new Zoom Outlook Add-In from the Microsoft store. I've found a way to remove the plugin here.https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/discussions/...  View more

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Mobile Device Apps and Site Management

Hi all,I'm trying to enable Site Management to allow for "junior admins" to manage areas of our Mobile Device Fleet. With the current set-up, I have to assign the Mobile Device Apps to different sites to allow the site managers to see them, but then ...  View more

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Problems with Zoom patching and Big Sur

Hi all! Just wanted to see if anyone else is running into issues patching Zoom with Patch Management on computers that have upgraded to Big Sur? I am getting a keychain prompt after the patch completes. I can run the same patch on a Catalina machine ...  View more

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macOS App Store Questions

I've seen other posts about moving away from O365 mac app store apps, but have some questions I didn't see answered. Like others, we tried to push O365 via app store and it hasn't worked as advertised. A lot of vpp error 72 time out issues when deplo...  View more

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Deploy Packages to Azure AD Groups

Hi everyone, I am trying to deploy some new fonts to a select user base. Was wondering if it is possible to deploy a package to an Azure AD security group. We have the security provider setup and it is able to see the security group when I test the c...  View more

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IBM Aspera Connect

Does anyone else deploy this out to their users?If so, could you tell me your method. Composer does the job, but it could be cleaner.  View more

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Deploying apps to M1 and Intel-based machines

Hello all, I'm having a frustrating problem with deploying architecture-specific applications to our mixed fleet of M1 and Intel Macbooks. I've created Smart groups that look at the machine architecture and divide them into groups based on it being x...  View more

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