Adobe CC apps on intel and M1 Macs

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Hey everyone,

i've seem some topics about this but it's getting a bit confusing so wanted to ask how do you deploy Adobe apps on intel and M1 macs?


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I know I would LOVE a clean install method for Adobe CC apps.
Every time I get a method figured out, ADOBE would mix the pot up AGAIN on installation processes.

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Best I can come up with is a script that reads:


platform=$(uname -p)

if  [ "$platform" == "arm" ]; then
     jamf policy -id <arm_installer_policy_id>
     jamf policy -id <intel_installer_policy_id>

exit 0

and of course, two separate policies to install the arm and intel versions. Though I suppose you could specify package names instead; I just like doing it via policy number because I can update the package in the policy without changing the script.

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For Adobe Apps you have two challenges.

Currently only Photoshop and Lightroom are universal Apps. The rest would need to run through Rosetta. There is a list of titles that require this as well as links to any known issues here.

The second issue is that when you create a Package in the Adobe Admin Console, you need to specify if these are Intel or Apple Silicon packages. For some reason Adobe do not allow the creation of "universal" packages, and Intel packages will only run on Intel Macs, and Apple Silicon Packages will only run on Apple Silicon devices.

As a result, you'll need 2 packages per title, and with a purely Jamf Environment, two policies with scoping to make sure they go to the right Macs.

This sucks massively and I'll strongly request you upvote this Adobe User Voice (like Jamf's Feature Requests!). You can find the user voice link here.

Good luck!

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I just spent approximately a day's worth of time recreating M1 packages for the 17 Adobe CC apps within the Adobe Admin Console, downloading and extracting, then uploading to Jamf Admin. Then cloning existing older Jamf CC policies and assigning them to a Static Group that we can add in devices as needed moving forward.  Once installed, you still need an adobe account to log into in order to use the app(s). 

We already have Rosetta coming in via a script during setup, so that saved us that work.

Thanks for the info, folks. Always a headache with Adobe. I think our inventory fleet will be turning over soon, so we can deprecate the old version at least by the start of next calendar year.