Adobe CC Shared Device License / Custom Trigger for when application is opened

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Because of Adobe's new Shared Device License for CC, I am working on deploying a message in our computer labs that informs users that they must have an active Adobe ID to use CC apps and that free Adobe IDs can be created at (Adobe's own language doesn't make this clear, so I guess it's up to us to communicate it.)

This message can be deployed upon login, but that's overkill considering that not all users will need to access CC apps. It would make more sense to deploy the message at a custom event, which would be when any CC app is launched.

I've tried to research how to create a custom trigger for whenever an app is launched, but I'm coming up short. Surely this can be done. Any advice?


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For me, since we already also have Sassafras Software's KeyServer product, that's what I'd use. I'm fairly certain that an on-launch message is an option when you configure a program to be controlled with KeyServer.

Not particularly helpful with trying to replicate that with Jamf, I know, but it may give you another avenue to explore.