Adobe Master Collection 6 serial number

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I need to upgrade our lab computers from Master collection 5.5 to 6. We use deploy Studio when we image the computers and from what I can see I got a script, a 5.5 DMG and a serial number package and that pretty much installs master collection without adobe asking for the serial number when computers are re-imaged

The guy that did it no longer works with us so I need to do a new install (remove 5, install 6). so I will basically modified the details of the script, already got a .DMG for version 6 and the serial number as well.

Did a standalone test in one of the iMacs. When I run the DMG, I get the choice of a trial or enter serial number ( I enter the serial number). then a window pops up asking to sign in to adobe or create and account. (signed in to adobe) after that you get to choice of the software you want to install or install the whole collection.

MY question is, is there a way I can package the serial number and the adobe sign in details? or is it a better way of doing it?




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Not sure if you are using the Adobe packaging tool or not. We've always used the Adobe packaging app for CS6 which does what you need.

I think it's been deprecated recently though as CC has been out for a while.

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This is likely what you're looking for. Version 3.1.