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Hi all,

I'm preparing to add Monterey MacOS and MacBook's with M1 chips to our environment. I'm beginning the packaging process for Adobe Silicon products using Adobe Admin Console. The packages will then go to Jamf Admin to Jamf Pro Cloud.  

Has anyone used the Adobe macOS universal installer for both Intel and Apple Silicon

Has there been any problems using it?

Were there any issues with patch management?

I'm trying to create as smooth a transition as possible.

Thanks for all your assistance!





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I used the Adobe Universal installer for 8 devices running Monterey. Seven are M1 and the eighth is Intel. No problems so far. 

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Hi Laell

Could you please share the latest Version of the package where we can get so that we can add in our environment

I need Universal Installer for Both Intelbased and Silicon for Monterey

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You have to log in to the Adobe Admin Console and create the package.

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I created two Adobe Creative Cloud Installer policies. One with the Intel package which excludes Apple Silicon devices. And one with the Apple Silicon installer which excludes intel devices. Work pretty well.

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From a performance perspective is there any disadvantage to the Universal compared to CPU specific?