Advanced Search or Smart the can fine the status of Profile Install

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This is probably a really amateur question but here is the situation. I have Profile I am pushing to install an AD certificate to all computers bound to AD. If I check the logs, I 89 machines that are at pending and have been for a few days. I'd like to create a search or smart group the uses the status as a criterion. (Along with some other things like last time checked) in order to suss out the underlying cause(s) for the failures.

I've come through all the criteria available in both Advanced Search an Smart groups and don't see anything that would use Profile Status as a search parameter.

Am I missing something?


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You're not missing anything. This criteria doesn't exist. You are not even able to use Profiles installed or not installed as criteria for a search or Smart Group as JAMF simply hasn't added this very basic piece of information in as searchable criteria. See this Feature Request and add your voice and vote to it.
It is possible to create an Extension Attribute to capture installed profiles, and then use that as the criteria with a "Like" operator and the name(s) of the Profiles, but its not built in. But that may be the way you need to go in the case above.

However, using something like policy run state or Profile push state (Complete, Pending, Failed) is also not available as criteria, and there is no way I know of to add it as an Extension Attribute, because its not exposed anywhere other than in the JSS UI. Many of us would love to be able to do this, but again, JAMF hasn't added that into the product.

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Thanks MM. I'll add my voice to the feature request.