Will images made on standard Sata controllers hardware work with NVME models and vice versa?

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I'm seeing a lot of the new 128gb Macbook Air's coming in with Apples NVME drives. Is it safe to say that an image that works with NVME based macs should work on older Sata based Macs?


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As long as you've built your image from a general release OS build rather than a version of the OS released with a new piece of hardware, and that build is qualified on your older hardware you should be OK mixing between NVME and SATA connected single drive Macs. If you're imaging Fusion equipped machines you may have problems. I haven't had a chance to try myself yet, buy I have been told by my TAM that when using Casper Imaging to image Fusion based Macs you can't create or deploy the image from a Fusion drive equipped Mac.