Advice for Jamf 400?

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I'm scheduled to take Jamf 400 in the summer. I spent a lot of time training for Jamf 300, and expected it to be much worse than it really was (I went through Jamf's scripting and advanced scripting series, twice, because I was told that it was scripting heavy, but I felt over-prepared after it was done. I'm wondering if the real scripting wall will be in Jamf 400, and what I should be prepared for.

I appreciate any advice from anyone who's taken the course!


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@1sarina Pretty much everything you'll be graded on in the 400 course involves writing a script. You'll want to review the Course Resources for the 400, and make sure to check that you've got the most recent version as it does receive updates throughout the year. As for advice, if you did well on the 300 you should be prepared for the 400, but watch your time management on the challenges. I always recommend taking care of the "overhead" work (e.g. creating the policies, groups, departments, packages, buildings, ...) first so that you can focus on the scripting work.