Aerohive...anyone using it?

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Hi Folks;
looking at Aerohive. Has anyone here used it? heard the good the bad the ugly?

Thanks in advance



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Yep, PreK-12 School here, using their hardware campus wide. I can get into contact with our wireless specialist and see if he has any comments, but so far these things have been great. Tons of configuration options in their online Hive-Manager. (So far I have only made an SSID and rebooted a few APs from it - I haven't gotten the chance at seeing the whole thing in action) Minimal downtime on the APs, the only real problem we have had is when they loose connection from our Hive-Manager for too long they need their configuration reloaded by hand it seems -- unless we are missing something. Like I said though, I'll speak with our Wireless specialist and see what he has to say in terms of setting up and deploying the various APs throughout the campus.


Not to take anything away from Aerohive, but would definitely take a look at Meraki as well. We installed over 200 Meraki APs last year and have been more that pleased.

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Cisco recently purchased Meraki. I think their product is awesome also. Not confident (yet) that Cisco will keep it as good or inexpensive as it currently is.

We use and are very happy with Ruckus. Their equipment is great regularly update the firmware to include new features. The ZoneDirector controller is easy to use with a GUI that makes sense. We chose Ruckus four years ago after evaluating Cisco, Aruba, Trapeze, and Meru. Ruckus won out.

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We are using Aerohive and are loving it. K-12 district with about 300 APs. No controllers, and lots of options for the hive manager. (management appliance online, physical, virtual, lots of built in bells and whistles) Their growth is exploding, and are constantly adding new features.

They have some pretty cool products including the bonjour gateway, which allows bonjour across subnets which is great for an iOS heavy environment. (you can get this for free on their website) The branch routers are also very cool.

If you want they have a webinar 12/20 at 9am, and you get a free AP for checking them out. [](

We have been using them for a couple of years and really have no complaints.

Plus they integrate with JAMF and can help force enrollment.

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I'll also give a +1 for Meraki. I think the two are pretty close in features and capabilities, but Merkai's UI is way better.

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Thanks to all. I will be checking out the Aerohive VM this week, then Meraki
cheers and happy holidays to all


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If you are really looking for a simple system to deploy and manage that actually has security built right in, look at AirTight Wi-Fi. Neither Meraki nor Aerohive has a true WIPS. AirTight Wi-Fi addresses the four major concerns that many IT departments face when rolling out a Wi-Fi network – simplicity of deployment, ease of management, enforcement of a strong security policy across geographies and cost effectiveness. AirTight’s unmatched flexibility in configuration, deployment and pricing makes its Wi-Fi and WIPS solutions easiest to use and most affordable compared to any competing WLAN solution, controller-based or otherwise

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Yes, but does it have a spam filter?