Aerohive Integration - HiveOS v6.0r2a

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How Enrollment Check Works - Before
• Device Joins the SSID and is placed in Walled Garden
› Able To Reach DHCP, DNS services + MDM server and Apple Notification Servers
• AP Identifies the OS via DHCP Options
› If not iOS device, released from Walled Garden
› If iOS device, AP queries the MDM server whether device is enrolled
• Enrolled Devices Released From Walled Garden
• Un-enrolled iOS devices remain quarantined. All HTTP requests forwarded to MDM server Enrollment Web Page
How Enrollment Check Works - After
• Once AP verifies enrollment is complete, walled garden opens
› Network access now dictated by rules of relevant User Profile
» Relevance based on User, Location, Device Type, Time, etc.

Configure SSID for MDM Enrollment
• Create SSID
• Expand Advanced
• Enable MDM Enrollment
• Create new MDM policy

› Solution Brief -
› Video Demo -


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Hello there, we are looking to implement this, but the pdf link doesn't seem to go anywhere. Can you point to some documentation for me please? I tried searching on the aerohive website but the search function didnt seem to actually respond.

EDIT: found it with a google search actually, although any extra pointers would be great as well ;)

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Has anyone been successful in getting this integration running over HTTPS only?