AirPlay Destinations

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Hello Everyone, Is anyone else using Configuration Profiles for limiting AirPlay destinations on iPads? We currently have over 100 Apple TVs in our school district and we used to be able restrict them by building with Configuration Profiles but noticed since iOS 9 came out that the iPads on iOS 9 do not respect the limitations and show all the Apple TVs while iOS 8 devices still limit correctly. I'm not sure if this is an Apple issue at this point or something with Casper. It seems like we also have had many more Apple TV connection issues lately with the new updates and how the list refreshes itself causing our teachers to have more difficulty connecting and getting disconnected from their Apple TV and hoping limiting the AirPlay list again would help.




I've tried this too in iOS 9 and it doesn't appear to do anything! It appears as a profile on the iPads but doesn't have any effect. Would be helpful if it did!

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I've noticed it with iOS 9 too.

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We are also getting this with iOS 9.3.5

Haven't been able to test with iOS 10 though, has anyone been able to test with the latest iOS?