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We've just bought some new M1 Macs and when we installed 12.1 on them, they all have this Airplay Receiver turned on and want to view each other's screen. In a classroom, we definitely do not want this. Any idea how to turn this off? I can't seem to find the plist that looks after this.


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I thought it only worked if the iMac is logged-in to the same Apple ID as the iPhone or iPad that you'd like to mirror. Am I wrong on this?

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Sort of. It defaults to requiring the Apple ID of the device, but it can be changed just like AirDrop to allow anyone on the network. One thing to mention here is that while the box is ticked on my M1 Macs (Airs and Minis) the receiver is off by default. Even when an Apple ID (maid or personal) is logged in.

If these Macs are in the hands of students or perhaps some dimwitted faculty then perhaps restricting the Sharing pref pane is the way to go here, but first you'd need to triage the machines that have the receiver turned on.

Interestingly, I have a test device that had AirPlay Receiver with the box checked showing Off. Logged in with the same Apple ID that I use on my device and it automatically switched AirPlay Receiver to On.

I noticed for Configuration Profiles under Restrictions > Functionality with the box checked for "Allow screenshots and screen recording" there is "Allow Airplay, View Screen by Classroom, and Screen Sharing". I unchecked both of those options and AirPlay Receiver is unaffected.

I then looked in a profile editor I use and found an AirPlay settings payload showing an Allow List which states: "List of MAC addresses of AirPlay destinations that the device is restricted to. If this list is empty, the device can connect to any device." And the only documentation I could find was on this Apple support page.

Seems to be working as intended. I agree that restricting Sharing in System Preferences would be the way to go. Most likely will be doing the same myself.

EDIT: Went back to Jamf Pro and saw there is a payload for AirPlay with an option Restrict AirPlay Destinations. I expect this to be similar to the Allow List I saw.

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I am using the following:



in a restrictions profile



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I use a json schema to set this via Configuration Profile -> Applications and Custom Settings -> External Applications

Then I use as the domain and paste in the following schema: