AirPrint Payload

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Does anyone have any experience or has anyone had anyone had any success using the AirPrint payload in a configuration profile? I want to provide printing to iOS users, but by enabling my Wifi provider's (Aruba) support for AirPrint (Airgroup) all printers that I've shared on two different Macs are available from both student and admin/faculty networks.

Furthermore, can non ipp printing be used for the AirPrint payload? Can't seem to find a lot of documentation on this and I'm the only one that's in charge of this for 1100 students and 100 admins/faculty. I'm sure many of you understand that I can't spend a ton of time on this.

Any input is appreciated.



ios printing discovery works over bonjour. I'm not aware of an option to add a printer to an ios device by profile.

At the most basic level that means the print server is on same network segment as the iOS devices. When the user tries to select a printer. The device broad casts a request for printers; The print server responds.

If the device is not finding the printers. The print server may not be broadcasting the printer as an ios airprint printer. Or there is some sort of networking issue. Like the print server not being in the same network segment. OR broadcast is disable in the network segment.