All documents erased after enrolling Jamf by email-invitation.

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Hello Everyone, i have a huge problem, after a user enrolled with an email-invitation link all his data, (In desktop and documents) has been erased, can someone explain me why has this happened? How can i prevent it in future cases?


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Do you disable iCloud Desktop & Documents syncing in a configuration profile? If so, and the user was using that feature prior to enrollment, the data would be removed from the Mac when the configuration profile was installed. If that's what happened, the data likely still exists in iCloud Drive, and will just need to be copied back.

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I do not know if this is your answer, but when users now put in their Apple ID they are asked if they want their Documents and Desktop to save to iCloud.
If they say yes, it does just that. removes the folders locally and stores everything in the cloud. Possible?
Look in iCloud, and be cautious if this is the case, when undoing to keep their files locally
I would make a secondary backup to be sfe

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Thanks for the great and fast answers, im taking a look at that and see what happens, i'll keep you updated.

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Hello Everyone, the answers above were right, i had a profile that disabled the icloud sync, all the files are in the drive.

Thanks for the help.