Allocate users to pre-staged iPads

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I'd like to give a user an iPad box that's already been allocated to them in Casper.
We use Apple School Manager.
If the device is enrolled, I can configure the user, but I don't seem to be able to configure a user on a device that only exists in the DEP - not actually enrolled yet.
If I could set a user on an iPad, and just hand them the box, that would be awesome - then I wouldn't have to go back into the system when they've enrolled and update their details.

It looks like I can make the user authenticate on enrolment, but I don't want that. Any suggestions?


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Is there a reason why you don't want users to authenticate to the JSS as part of the setup wizard? Its one of the advantages of DEP and the easiest way to accomplish this.

Otherwise you could look at using Configurator to enrol all your devices, then assign users to devices using JSS MUT or a script.