Allow Apps in Security & Privacy -> Privacy

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I have 2 Issues that the JAMF PPPC tool does not help me with, I am probably configuring it wrong, any ideas ?

1 : I have a simple Bash Script that runs at login, in it, this runs 1 line of AppleScript to pop up a user input box, this fails and the script gives the error "Not authorised to send Apple events to System Events. (-1743)" I have no idea which app to allow, and what to allow it access to.

2 : We deploy a Piece of remote control software called ScreenConnect, this installs and runs OK, but only in View Only, to get full functionality we need need to tick it in the Accessibility Section, where it Auto Populates, the problem is if I use the PPPC Utility, i cannot select the app as it runs from /opt, and even if I browse to the app, it ignores it.

Any Ideas people ?