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Since the last update to JAMF PRO 10.33, our Inventory Preload Table looks Blank in the Admin Portal.However if we use the API to query it, all the data is still there. Is this a bug ??
Anyone know how to do this ? If it's possible. I am looking for a way to store a list of Serial Numbers and Machine Names so that when my DEP Prestage devices come online they get the correct name without intervention, at the moment we can only get s...
Ever since our Cloud JAMF PRO updated to the latest version, we get a load of
in the logs instead of the line breaks. This is making policy logs very difficult to read. Is anyone else seeing this and is there a fix in the works ?
I have A Policy to Encrypt Disks using my Disk Encryption Configuration. In my policy I have a Script set to run "After" which runs a recon and then triggers another policy to run. However I find that the script runs sort of Before, and its causing i...
I have a script I use to change passwords on my MAC's, what I'd really like to do is have the script check the password to see if it is different before attempting to change it.