Android devices - Institution owned.

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Hey all,

We have started looking at putting our institution Android devices into Casper however, am I going crazy and seeing that only 'personal' devices are supported?

Is anyone able to shed some light on whether institutional android device management is in the works or will we need to stick to using Google's MDM? Obviously we would love to have all our Android devices enrolled into Casper but the lack of being able to remote wipe, lock or track our devices is deal breaker.



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Jamf has always been about managing the Apple platform. They added android support for personal devices, but beyond that thats all it does. I'd expect this to stay the same in the for seeable future. You're better to just use Google's mdm for them.

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I believe enrolling Android devices and Windows machines is just for inventory purposes and not for actual management.

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Currently only Personal Enrollment is supported for Android. We do support remote wiping, locking the device and other remote management commands with Android Devices.

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Windows machines apparently cost licenses. Is this true for android devices as well?

I'm not going to use or mention this "feature" if that's the case. I know that sounds salty, but if the 'management' M isn't ticked of an MDM, I'm not going to pay for it. That would be ridiculous.

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To use android you'll need to purchase the yearly Personal devices license. When we purchased it it was based on the number of devices.