Running policies at scheduled times


Some back story, I have a policy that caches an update, and another policy that installs the cached package at logout/restart.

I have another policy that has a simple script that popups and tells users that they need to restart to complete the install. (management is against forcing people to restart). I want this script to run every 3-4 hours so that they continue to get this popup until the update is installed. I see there is a custom event but can't seem to figure out how to setup a custom event.


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Honored Contributor II

Hi, a custom event is a word that you call using a script. So if I create a policy with a custom event called "dave" I would use:

sudo jamf policy -event dave

in my script to trigger it on the clients.

The only way I can think to do what you need is to install a new launchdaemon on the clients that runs and uses the custom event you specify.