Announcement: The Casper Mailing List has moved to a new server

New Contributor III

Hello everyone:

The Casper mailing list has moved to a new server. We have moved the mailing
list to another product which will hopefully give everybody a better
experience. During the process of the move, we have done everything possible
to ensure that your preferences have been maintained from the old server.

Please send all posts to the new address and add this email to your
address book and/or spam-filter configuration:

caspr at

In this new year, our Services and Support department is looking to be much
more proactive with the mailing list. We have an amazing community that is
growing fast, and are looking forward to fostering more communication
between everyone.

If you have any problems with the new service, please contact:

support at



New Contributor III

Please note a correction to my previous post. The new email address for the
list is actually:

casper at