Smart Group errors

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Because I have some computers with Office 2004 and others with Office X, I need to be able to distinguish between them.
Rather than manually create two groups of computers, I wanted to leverage the power of Smart Groups to handle this for me. But I'm having a problem with one of my Smart Groups.

I've set up a smart group, "Computers with Office 04", with the following criteria: Software Info: Application Title [ has ] Microsoft Word [ and ] Application Version [ like ] 11.

The version of Word included in Office 2004 is 11.x.x, so this seemed the best way to go about it. When I first set this up, the Smart Group contained 31 computers.

I'm using this Smart Group in conjunction with a once-per-computer policy. This policy installs a package to update a folder within "/ Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Templates/". The policy triggers on the "Install" event. It runs a shell script, then installs a package.

Unfortunately, as this policy runs, more and more computers are erroneously added to the "Computers with Office 04" Smart Group. At its peak it contained 114 computers. When looking at Groups under Casper, if I click "Edit Criteria" for this Smart Group, and then save the criteria without making any changes, the number of members of the group goes back to 31. If I look at the details of a member erroneously added to the group (specifically, looking at the Software section) I see that the computer has version 10.x.x of Word installed, rather than 11.x.x as defined in the Smart Group criteria.

Any ideas why this is occurring?

Bryan Vines
Systems Administrator
Watts Law Firm, LLP