Another way to change and deploy Desktop background

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Hi Community,

I am just sharing here another way of deploying silently a new Desktop Background to Mac computers without using Script install, Desktoppr or a Configuration Profile. This workflow is compatible from Catalina to Monterey Beta.

  1. Place your_image.png into /Users/Shared
  2. Open Automator app on macOS Big Sur
  3. Create New application project
  4. Choose in Library 'Get Specified Finder Items" and select your_image.png (located in /Users/Shared)
  5. Add "Set Desktop Picture" in Automator library
  6. Export your Automator project > Save (ideally sign it) into /Users/Shared
  7. Open Composer app
  8. Drag and Drop your in it (from /Users/Shared)
  9. Add from Users/Shared folder in Composer your_image.png
  10. Select Script and Post-Install
  11. Copy paste this simple script below
  12. Build and sign your package
  13. Create your Jamf Policy to deploy it



open /Users/Shared/
sleep 10
rm -R /Users/Shared/
rm -rf /Users/Shared/Your_Image.png



Hope it may be useful!


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Great Work Flow Thanks! πŸ˜€

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Thank you for sharing this. 

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This is great! Instead of doing 1 image, I did an entire folder, full of images I wanted to cycle through. This actually works as well. 


Wanted to make a quick edit to describe my final results.

I made a folder here /Library/Desktop Pictures/My Images, then created sub folders, /Library/Desktop Pictures/My Images/Image1, etc. I created an automator app as well as placed my image source file into image 1. I repeated this process for each desktop that I wanted to have.


For instance, I have Image1-12, each with a desktop background with its own automator app. Placed the entire folder "My Images" into composer, and gave them all 757 permissions.

Uploaded the package to jamf, create a "source" policy that drops the images and apps onto the users mac into that location, then made 12 separate policies for each background then assigned to a category in jamf called "Desktop Wallpaper". 

The polices are just files and processes: open "/Library/Desktop Pictures/My Images/Image1/" under execute command. Set to an ongoing policy, available in Self Service, under its own category Desktop Wallpaper. I uploaded icons for each policy, so the user gets a preview of what the desktop will look like, before even setting it. Renamed the run actions to "Set" and "Reset" when running the policy in Self Service. 

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@jseckler-adi Thanks for sharing, it's also  a clever way to add value for users to choose specific images as background desktop (or other usage) through simple policy call.