Any users of Nanoheal out there?

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Hi fellow mac admins,

Have any of you ever come across Nanoheal before?

This is being sold to our exec team as a miracle cure for all issues before they happen. On the surface it seems to offer what Jamf have been doing for years, but the website is so vague on details it also very much seems like its a snake-oil product. (my requests for a demo have been ignored so far)

With Apple restricting on what 3rd party binaries can do within the macOS and with changes like SKEL and PPPC being implemented (which normally have the requirement to be deployed and approved by the MDM); I can't see how there doing any of this without using bash, python, etc. or other scripting language. (they claim to be able to script-less automation on their website).

All I found out so far is that the Windows 10 version requires Java 6 to be installed, which brings up red flags straight away.

I would be grateful of anybody commenting on first hand experiences of it.