Any way to find out li logs about deleted policy?

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One of the important policies disappeared. I am sure it was there cuz there are still related packages, EAs and smart groups, and script triggering this policy by custom trigger. 


Is there any way to find out in logs when deleted, by which user, etc? 


Thanks much!


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Usually the server logs all changes, to policies etc. I don't know where the logs live on the various OS, on RHEL it is /usr/local/jss/logs. I believe it is called JAMFChangemanagement.log or something like that - when I see it I know which one it is...fortunately I rarely have to look at it 😉

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You should be able to look at System Settings -> Change Management and look through the logs. It records all changes and who performed that change. 

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Logs in Change Management > System Settings can help.