AnyConnect config profile

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I'm gearing up to deploy AnyConnect and was figuring I'd have to push out a custom .xml profile with our server info. But, I just stumbled across the AnyConnect configuration options in the VPN Configuration Profiles.

Of course I'll test, but is that another/better means to push out the server settings instead of monkeying with /opt/cisco/anyconnect/profiles ? Haven't seen it mentioned in previous discussions.


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Honestly, no. It adds it to Network Prefs in my experience and still requires you to use the app. I use an XML I packaged up and that seems to work perfectly every time.

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Just bumping this thread. I'm seeing the same results as @jubei in relation to using a configuration profile (VPN payload with AnyConnect option). I can work around it, but not sure as to why it's even an option?


We do the same and it works fine.

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@dpertschi I'm doing the same thing along with a bundled choices.xml since we don't use Fireamp and WebSecurity. I'm also adding in the posturing files as well.



Why is packaging this so hard? I'm working off of an old package my predecessor created for 3.15. The package has the applications folder, library folder and opt. I see that he created a .xml in /opt/cisco/anyconnect/profiles. I copy that and put it in the new package with the same permissions and rights. When I go to test the client is upgraded but my server information is gone. Tunnel down in finder and find that .xml is there. What am i doing wrong?

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How are you all pushing out the anyconnect profile that contains the server info? I know about the ~/.anyconnect file, and can push that out with the client, but I've read about the profile xml also being in /opt/cisco/anyconnect/profile and I've saved an edited xml file there, but it still doesn't read it. Every site I've come across says to save it there, but it never works for me. Still have to punch in the server address.

Also, and maybe this is an easy one, it'd be nice to find a way to have it start up, but not show the connection window, just put the icon in the finder bar so it's there if the user needs it.