Anyone At JNUC that can talk about AD manager + or an alternative

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Hey we are looking for a program along the lines of AD manager + or something of the like is there anyone that can talk about what they are using?


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What specifically are you looking for? I have a lockout tool that I wrote myself but we have published AD Powershell via a web portal, and have ADUC published via Citrix to solve the problem for the masses.

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We are looking for a program that can Promote mass users (going from elementary to middle school etc) and that can do bulk import of new users to different OUs currently the one we have only allows 1 OU at a time so we have to make 2-8 spreadsheets every time we do new students.


I wrote (or rewrote) a program called "UserCreator" that is used quite extensively in Vic Government schools in Australia. It is intended for school environments and will create and/or update users in Active directory as they move through their schooling. For example when they move to a new year level or home group their user object in AD and their home folder get moved to a new OU and folder corresponding to that new year or home group. it also has very powerful control of folder permissions so that you can share the root of the home folder tree as a publicly shared folder. By default staff and students cannot rename, delete or move the home folders but have full control of everything inside their folder.

The publicly available version is a bit old now but I can upload a newer one soon that also handles the requirements for Office 365. You can download it from If I get a chance I will also upload the power point presentation that runs through some of the features.

The main Features are:
Creates student users in Microsoft Active Directory.
Creates staff accounts in Microsoft Active Directory.
Imports or automatically generates simple or complex passwords.
Option to require user to change password on first use.
Configurable minimum password length.
Trim imported passwords to 10 characters.
Manages password change permission.
Separate password, security and folder options for staff and students.
Automatically enables accounts or provides for manual operation.
Creates OUs by home group or year level.
Automatically creates and manages a separate security group for each OU.
Simple naming convention for security group management.
Provides “Server 2008 style” OU protection.
Supports legacy logon scripts and automatic conversion to Group Policy.
Removes special characters in the users properties to simplify custom scripting.
Sorts user objects by home group or year level.
Supports multiple unmanaged security groups (e.g. Internet_ Allowed, Custom_ Application etc.)
Adds a prefix to automatic security groups to avoid clash with generic class accounts.
Maintains and updates correct naming convention.
Maintains user object attributes (display name, first name etc.).
Creates Home folders.
Creates group folders by home group or year level.
Enables custom mapping between OU/group folder / Netspace group and home group.
Sorts home folders by home group or year level
Maintains correct home group or year level
Assigns home folders.
Assigns home folders drive letter.
Uses the students name as the home/secondary folder name simplifying identification for staff.
Moves home folders between home groups or servers.
Assigns correct ownership and permissions on recovered home folders.
Sets home folders permissions
Sets home folder ownership
Maintains permissions and ownership
Automatically updates permission inheritance setting for home and home group folders.
Automatically allows permission inheritance for lower years primary students.
Automatically assigns permissions to each home group folder for each home group member.
Can prevent renaming, moving or deleting of home and group folders.
Controllable access to student folders for staff.
Creates and manages “Desktop.ini” files to avoid home folder display names changing to “Documents”.
Option to not create “Desktop.ini” files if using file screens.
Automates student roaming profiles by user, home group/year level or user.
Creates secondary student folders.
Maintains secondary folders by home group or year level
Maintains permissions on secondary folders.
Allows manual permission control on secondary folders
Limited Microsoft Exchange account creation
Retrieves email and user description from external Exchange server (e.g. Edumail).
Provides several levels of logging.
Emails out the result of automatic imports with new users details.
Provides a text file to import users into other systems (library, cloud services etc.)


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Graeme it looks awesome but that site is very very messed up on my end..


msanchez, For some reason the site is not working in chrome but works in everything else. I assume there is an error somewhere with the interpretation of the character set but haven't spent time on it yet but will.

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Poked the website a bit and found the direct download here: