Anyone else experiencing inconsistent API Query Results?

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Hi Nation,

We currently see a strange behaviour when using the JSS API:

  1. We create a computer entry in the JSS via the API calls to .../JSSResource/computers. Result: a new computer is being created and is shown in the JSS inventory. Good.
  2. We then query for this computer, again via the API call to .../JSSResource/computers/id/231. The API returns the data for that computer, as expected. Still good.
  3. However, when repeating that exact query not by ID, but by MAC address (as documented on the API front page), we sometimes get a "not found" error, although that computer clearly exists in the inventory. Not good.

Our current workaround is to create a completely unrelated new "dummy computer" in the JSS. As a result, our query by MAC address for the old computer miraculously begins to return the correct results, although nothing did change for either the query nor the computer data itself.

To help JAMF support in tracking down that elusive problem: Does anyone here use the API in a similar fashion and is experiencing inconsistent query results?



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Since upgrade to 8.5x, our API calls in general have been inconsistent. They went from returning queries in 3 seconds to 30 seconds to some 2 minutes. I am running JSS on 10.6.8 server and was told the older mysql 5.0 version does not play well with the configuration profiles queries that are now added in 8.5x. When i upgraded mysql to 5.5, however, the queries went up to 4-5minutes!

I can run the GET from HTTP fine, results are back in seconds. however, any scripts or curl queries take a long time.