Anyone have experence installing Vectorworks on a guest account?

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We recently got a ticket to install vectorworks on a bunch of managed iMacs. The iMacs are in a video lab, where the only account the student's can use is the guest account. This is causing issues with the license not sticking when the user logs in and out. Has anyone come up with a way to install vectorworks and license it for the guest account? I know Apple is fading out login scripts, but would they work for this?

From what I have heard, here are the places a license file needs to be:

'HD > Library > Preferences' “net.nemetschek.vectorworks20XX.plist” 'HD > Users > (User's Home Folder) > Library > Preferences' "net.nemetschek.vectorworks.license.20XX.plist" “net.nemetschek.vectorworks20XX.plist” There is a 2018 folder in 'HD > Users > (User's Home Folder) > Library > Application Support > Vectorworks'

Has anyone done anything like this? Thanks in advance.


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Well, working on an installation with mobile users.
Also tricky to get that running.

When I install it as admin, it works.

When I login as user, it asks again for an registration.

Tried to snapshot that input for the registration, but did not work sadly.

Also tried those folders you mention, but no succes either.

Any one?

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I know this is an old topic, but I just managed to get this working finally without modifying a user template folder.

I installed Vectorworks 2022 and captured the installation via Composer

I did manually set the preferences the first time and connected it to my licensing server.

Once I captured the plist files, I converted the keys to json and uploaded both net.nemetschek.vectorworks.2022.plist and net.nemetschek.vectorworks.plist json payloads as separate config profiles and applied them at the user level.

This sets the plists for any user logging in and automatically will license the software and register it.

In addition I also specified in my user account that the Vectorworks "User Environment" was to be located in /Users/Shared/Vectorworks/ so it was a globally accessible folder. This ensures that when you push to a lab machine, all users receive the same environment and libraries.