Anyone using ldapServerID and userID in jamf recon CLI?

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I was looking at ways of populating the JSS database with multiple LDAP servers (and similar entries, for example user1 and adminuser1 both return back when searching for user1 manually).

The jamf binary has an option under the recon to use ldapServerID and userID. When I found the JSS ID of the ldap server in the SQL DB (since the JSS ID isn't posted in the JSS) and ran this command...

jamf recon -ldapServerID # -userID # -verbose

I see no mention or attempt to connect to the ldap or to pull any information. The server is set to populate on LDAP lookup or inventory update. The inventory is updated, but only with blank entries. Is this broken in 8.61? Has anybody used this to distinguish specific servers and/or users?



It has to key off a username.

So jamf recon -endUsername sui should do the trick - as long as Populate the computer location information of a username from an LDAP lookup on inventory update is checked on.

You shouldn't even need the ldapServerID and userID. But I sure would LOVE to find out why they are there. Seems like they should be there to use as a manual option - in other words - LDAP lookups turned off by default, but you want to do a "one off" inventory with LDAP lookup.

Doesn't appear to work that way.