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We're in the early stages of setting up our Team Dynamix instance here at our university and I'm running into a snag on how to import JAMF inventory into TDX.

Is there anyone out there who is using Team Dynamix in their work environment who has it integrated with their JAMF inventory? They provided an XML based asset importer but it will only connect to a Microsoft SQL or ODBC database. We're cloud hosted with JAMF so I trying to see what other options we have. Should we create a mirrored database of our JAMF inventory by means of API?


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I just found out today that we are moving to Team Dynamix. I'd be interested to hear how the integration went for you.

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We've been using Team Dynamix for 2-3 years now but we don't yet have any integration of any sort with Jamf despite my requests. We're only using it for an inventory database right now but have plans in motion to use it for our helpdesk as well. It's been an improvement over what we were using for inventory but it's nowhere close to what I could call an idea product(too many clicks to get anything done). Of course not being directly involved in the implementation I don't know how much of that was our implementation and/or the product.

I'll be curious to see how this goes for you though. At some point we're supposed to integrate Jamf and SCCM with it.

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HI, i know this is an old thread however we are just switching to Team Dynamix over Christmas break and wondering if anyone had this integrated with Jamf yet?



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It never happened here as it's a low priority unfortunately. Our use of it currently only extends to hardware inventory(manual entry), incident reports, and service requests.

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2+ years since I revived this thread above, we haven't integrated our TDX with Jamf Pro, either. We are using many of its modules and have begun the process of setting up a CMDB that includes desktop hardware. I figured folding in the inventory from Jamf Pro would be an easy win, but there are competing priorities that are in front of it.

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We are looking at a new help desk system and Team Dynamix is one of the things we are looking at. Jamf Integration will be one of the first things we do if we get it. For the people who are using Team Dynamix, how do you like it. 

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So far we are liking TDX as it has quite a bit of more integrations with other departments and such.  We have not integrated it with Jamf which would be nice but we are unaware of how to do that.

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We also like TDX. Across 4 jobs, where I have used 6 different ticketing platforms, TDX is the best I've ever used. It's not perfect, but it's intuitive.

Still haven't done the Jamf Pro integration. AFAIK the main advantage of integrating is that the vast amount of inventory data Jamf Pro collects can be made available to support users within the ticketing system, so they can get insight into the managed computer for troubleshooting without asking the user to provide info we already have about it.

That is the exact reason why we are looking for a ticketing system that
does tie into Jamf.

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There's a wide variety of ways to integrate JAMF with TeamDynamix depending upon business needs, and which TDX option(s) (e.g. API, Asset Importer, iPaaS, etc.) accommodate these needs. One of the simplest methods is to use the TDX Asset Importer utility to run a SQL query to pull the desired data from your JAMF database, and then store it in the data in applicable fields within the TDX Assets/CI app. The TDX Asset Importer utility can be setup to run as a scheduled task to Add, and/or Edit asset records as frequently as desired.

The TDX API also allows for creating/editing Assets via other methods (e.g. *nix shell script, PowerShell, etc.); however, you'll need to manage the API rate limit.

TDX iPaaS supports the JAMF Pro APIs and allows for doing all kinds of creative things between the two systems.

Of course, there's nothing saying you can't use a combination of the above methods.

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We've been on TDX for about a year now and have been pulling Assets from Jamf via MySQL query and the TDX Asset Importer. We are planning to move to Jamf Cloud next week and just realized our asset sync will break without direct database access.

Is anyone pulling assets from Jamf Cloud into TeamDynamix? If so, how are you doing that?

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We are using iPaas which was purchased with TDX. It is still in progress but it is promising. We can sync both ways or one way. The goal is to have assets display in TDX so technicians have more info like warranty, previous tickets, missing patches, etc.