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How does one change the UI of Jamfnation(or whatever it's now called...community?) so that I can actually make use of my 27" monitor?There is so much wasted white space on the right and left side it's ridiculous. I don't have the greatest eyes so the...
Maybe I'm crazy and I'm willing to admit it but wasn't it possible in the past to filter policies on the Policies page when typing in a script name in the filter field to find what policies used specific scripts? I just tried it and had no luck think...
Can anyone tell me if this action updates macOS to Big Sur if it's on Catalina or is it going to update to the latest minor update? The description that Jamf states isn't clear to me.
Now that Adobe has released some versions of their software as separate installers for the Apple Silicon architecture, I was curious if anyone has come up with clever deployment strategies using Jamf. I was in the Windows world when last we saw two a...
I'm curious how those using GlobalProtect are handling updates. At the moment we're looking at using Self Service for the user to do it themself but I don't think that's a wise choice from a security perspective since users are notorious for not doin...