App no longer available for deployment

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Good morning,

Yesterday I noticed that a new iPad that was issued did not download a custom app. When we looked in JAMF under Mobile Device Apps and went to the app, there was a warning message that said, "This app was removed from tthe App Store. It is no longer available for deployment. The app as auttomatically removed from Self Service." I reached out to the vendor that created this app for us and they confirmed they did not remove the app from the store.

Is anybody else seeing this issue?


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You can check it by trying to view the app page on the app store, but i suspect its been removed. If the app is restored the JSS will pick it up again.

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We just reached out to JAMF support and they have seen this happen before. They have a workaround they need to apply

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Hey, is there an update to this? this just happened to me