App package policies and way of scoping

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Due to the fact that under me, there are about 3-4 other smaller (in term of rights) admins that are caring about App’s distributions, I’d like to make their App management the smoothest I can.

As for each app package I would have to build about 5 different policies (if not 6) I don’t want them to go on each policy and to have to update the scope one by one just to add the same smart computer group to each one of them.
As we have more than 70 countries and each country is grouping different "groups" of users/devices, guess what an effort would be to scope so many smart groups 5-6 times for each Application..

I thought about creating instead, a smart computer group for each Application which would be named (e.g.) “Application: webex meetings” which would be in scope of each one of the mentioned policy.

Whenever a new scope is needed, into that smart computer group they (the admins) would just have to add each smart computer group they want all those policies to be scoped to as criteria.

This way, they would just have a one shot task ( to add one “Computer Group” criteria) and with that they would be done, instead of going into each policy and modify them one by one.

Question is, will it work? Will it overload the Jamf due to the “complexity” of the smart computer group containing many different smart computer groups?

This workflow would be used for each Application package I would need to have for my users..

Please enlighten me!!
Thanks everyone!