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We have 2 mac pros which I use for netboot and Software Updates. This was working when I tested the setup about 3 weeks ago.
I went to push some updates to a new lab and started seeing errors regarding connection to the server.
Upon further investigation updates in the Server app were stuck at "Waiting"
Looking at app Store it was gray and would not allow me to login
Running softwareupdate -l from a command line presents "The connection was lost"
Testing from itunes "an unexpected error occurred while signing in" and "unable to get a secure connection"
I have deleted caches, checked the Certificates, confirmed that other computers on the network can access App Store Updates
A weird thing I just found: when I run a nslookup on the list of publicly available apple servers like:
Some return the IP of the server on the internet however, some like:, return our internal DNS IP. Is this correct?a6bfe72b1c9a4533bfa7d8c3eefec157


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Check your computers time and timezone. If its off by more then 30 seconds you can see this kind of thing.

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@DylanMurphy Time is set using a network time server