App Update Causes Loss of App on iOS

New Contributor II

Good morning,
I am not sure yet if this is entire network issue, but here is what I am seeing.

Student tries to update an app, in this case Google Slides, through Self Service and the update the tab. The app will show that it is loading on the device, then disappear.

In Self Service the app is requesting to be updated again. On the student's account I am getting this error "The app “” is already scheduled for management." and the App is shown after an Inventory Update on the JSS Inventory.

The only way I was able to get the app to redownload, was to open up the App Store. When I looked at the purchased tab, it was in the process of downloading (spinning circle). I stopped this, then clicked the Cloud icon. The app successfully downloaded after this.

When the student goes back into Self Service and chooses Update All, all apps in list are able to be updated without a hitch.

Anyone know why this occured? Is this a known bug?