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I need some advice here but may be impossible...

We've been using JAMF as a company for some time to manage Macs but today we had our first request for an iPad.

So, I built out a prestage enrolment for iOS devices and asked my colleague to order the iPad through our apple ecommerce page that's linked to our ABM. HOWEVER, they accidently ordered through the standard Apple store.

So, my question is... is there a way that I can now add this device to our ABM before it arrives so that I can see how the Prestage enrolment will behave??

Thanks :)



Hi there. 
I’ve imported purchased from non Apple School Manager vendors with no issues. However you will need the device on hand, a Mac laptop/desktop and Apple Configurator installed to make this happen.

Doing the add to Business/school manager but not adding to MDM should give you the same experience as regular prestage. 

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You can start with your Apple rep to ask how to add the ipad since it was purchased from an Apple reseller. 

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We are working on setting up Jamf Pro, but I was wondering why the machines that we have bought from apple and apple's licensed resellers don't show up on our ABM. We have added Apple Customer Numbers and Resellers numbers under "MDM Server Assignment" and the status indicates "Active". I would really appreciate it if someone could walk me through how to accomplish this step. 

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I do not know if you can add it BEFORE the device arrives, but I do know you can add devices to Apple School Manager that did not come from Apple proper.  I often get emails that one has been added to ASM before the device physically arrives at the office.