Apple Classroom - Anyone got it to work yet?


We are trying to set up Apple Classroom and we can't get it to work correctly. We are seeing even though we have added a full class, only one or two students show up. Iv'e checked that all student's are supervised and are running 9.3.1

We are using statically assigned groups - if that makes a difference.

Also do the class times need to be added? (I have, but we have a crazy schedule where this feature will be a pain to configure.)

Anyone have any luck?


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THanks for the tips. we have Apple managed ids. So the Teachers sign in with their Managed Apple ids and . the device is assigned to them. All that looks fine. Now, I am trying to test on 4 test ipads but now I am getting "Classroom must be configured with a valid education configuration profile." error. . It seems like it is now wanting to work but Classroom doesn't open correctly.

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Hey wltorres, The teachers iPads isn't a shared device is it? We usually have the teacher user assigned to a standard iPad and leave the shared devices for the students. For example, you have a separate DEP profile for the teachers so it doesn't get used as a shared device. Once in the JSS you assign the teacher as the user of the iPad and the EDU profile should install as expected and release the Classroom 2.0 app.

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Yes the teacher device can't be Shared.


Hi Guys,
I have a dumb question. Does Apple Classroom app require individual Apple IDs?
Our classes are still based on a shared Apple ID structure. We haven't really started to create Apple IDs or use Managed Apple IDs for the students yet.

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@wangl2 yes you'll need Managed Apple ID's for the students.

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Actually, Apple Classroom can be used without managed Apple IDs. The easiest way is to create a class in JAMF, assign a teacher to the class and a mobile device group to the class. Done. The only downside is that teachers see iPad names (iPad 1, iPad 2, etc.0 in the device screen on Apple Classroom. But my teachers are VERY happy!

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@gil.anspacher "The easiest way is to create a class in JAMF, assign a teacher to the class and a mobile device group to the class."

I've done that but I assume that you still need to assign individual users to the iPads.

What's everyone doing in a shared class set/cart scenario where the iPads aren't individually assigned (EG: Art class has 15 iPads)? Are we still creating dummy users in the JSS for these sorts of things?

EDIT: Tested - yes you still need to assign individual users to the iPads - I'll likely will number each iPad in a shared cart environment and name it in JAMF Pro to match.