Apple Classroom Class Number Limits?

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We are starting to use Apple Classroom for one of our grades to test.

We are manually rostering classes is Jamf Pro (10.39.1).  Every time I try to create a 16th class, it overwrites the 15th class.  We need to roster 20 classes.  Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of classes we can manually create in Jamf Pro?

We are trying to avoid having to use Apple School Manager because we use Veracross as our SIS and moving data between the two is nearly impossible.

Any insight is appreciated!


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Hey Michael,

I'm just starting down this path as well... I was trying to read up on the SFTP upload to ASM to see if there was a way to automate this with Data packages in Veracross. Wondering if you figured anything out...

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Hi @ajcolianni - We are rostering classes ad-hoc in Jamf for now and not using ASM.  Veracross is supposedly adopting the Open Roster format in the coming months, which should help with automation using ASM.

I was able to answer my own question in this post.  It turns out this is a UI bug in Jamf Pro (at least in v10.39.1) where you need to log out of Jamf Pro and back in between adding classes, to add more than 15 ad-hoc Classes.  It was a pain, but I was eventually able to add and roster the 20 classes we needed for this pilot.

Getting students and teachers as MDM Enabled users in their computer records was another major chore, as we typically use Jamf Connect to initially create user accounts.  This required removing the MDM Profile from each computer, promoting the Standard users to Admin, running the "profiles renew -type enrollment" command as the user, having the users accept and install the profile with their credentials, then demoting them back to Standard.  I scripted most of this, but it was, and continues to be, messy.