Apple Classroom - Macbook with Mojave - EDU profile?

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So I have Macbook's converting over to Mojave and teachers are very excited about putting Classroom on them. What triggers the connection between ASM and Classroom on Macbooks? We use Classroom on the iPad and I see the EDU profile on those devices and it works flawlessly.

Downloading/pushing the app is no issue at all - but shouldn't classes automatically populate? what is the trigger?


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The same trigger as the iOS side - Jamf's device inventory record needs to have a user, and that user record needs to have an email or MAID that ASM recognizes. Once that string exists, the device gets added to a background process that pushes the EDU profile.

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The user also has to be MDM Capable so the EDU profile can be pushed out with APNS.

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What makes a user MDM Capable?