Apple Classroom; managed classes break ad-hoc?

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Hi everyone,

we're going to start using managed classes after Thanksgiving this year, and while testing it out I've noticed that once you're managed with the education profile it seems that you no longer have the ability to work with ad-hoc classes. Looks like this is the case for both teachers and students, the ad-hoc button is just... gone.

Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere, or is this just how it's supposed to work by design? Should I be asking Apple about this?




Hey Clint,
That's correct. We are unable to use managed classes alongside ad-hoc classes.

"Important: Teacher-created classes are incompatible with Shared iPad and the education configuration profile from your MDM solution that creates admin-created classes. If the education configuration profile is present on the teacher’s or student’s device, teacher-created classes can’t be created or joined."

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Thanks Matt!

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This is something we wish that could coexist. We like to create our own configurations, but would like the option of giving the teachers of creating their own classes.

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This is possible in Jamf School by unchecking the "Automatically configure Apple Classroom based on Classes and Users in Jamf School" option. Why not in Jamf PRO!