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Every time I come to Jamf Nation to either start a new support chat, it takes me at least 3 minutes to find where it is. Same when I want to find the feature request board. Why has this place become so confusing? Please clean it up!
Hi everyone, This is not a Jamf related question, but since there's so many smart people here, I thought I'd ask anyways, hope it's OK. I have a question on something we’re trying to figure out, and maybe someone else is already doing something that ...
I opened up a new case with Apple, as as soon as we told the students to upgrade to iPadOS, I had two students come to me with this issue. Since then, I've had the same exact issue, whenever I set up a new iPad via AC2. The issue can be seen on the v...
Hi everyone, In Apple Configurator 2, there is an option of saving an unlock token for devices, so in case a user forgets their passcode, they can still be unlocked. We cannot get this to work, as we get this error (see picture below). It doesn't mat...
Hi everyone, Once again, we find ourselves having to restore two student iPads because the Ethernet connection isn’t working when in Lost Mode. Two students lost their iPads, so we located them by triggering Lost Mode on both devices. They were broug...