Apple Configurator 1.5 losing Supervision Records

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Working on a MacAir with A.C 1.5 installed PRIOR to this, I was testing supervising and a deployment process on 5 iPads in Configurator. I supervised, installed apps etc on these 5 iPads then had a meeting where my macair went to sleep multiple times. I came back and plugged in an iPad and Apple Configurator sees this iPad in the PREPARE tab.

---I checked the 'Supervise' tab and the supervision records of all 5 iPads were missing.

The iPad still has the Apple Configurator supervision profile on it and still says 'This iPad is supervised by...'. The MAC address in the profile matches that of the A.C certificate in my keychain.

I have restarted A.C, my mac air, reset the iPad while attached to mac with A.C open etc and nothing will make the records reappear.

This happened a few weeks ago on a Configurator dedicated MacAir which handles 90 or so supervised iPads over 10 or so local accounts. I logged in one day and the supervision records had disappeared on each of the local account A.C. Just prior to this I had updated A.C to get it working with a new iPad so I assumed this loss of the records was tied to that. Seems not.

EDIT: In the configuration process, I had ticked 'Allow devices to connect to other Macs'. Does this tell it not to store a supervision record?