Apple Configurator 2 and multiple admin Machines


Hello Everyone
We wish to really utilize AC 2 and supervision and JAMF.

We have 2-3 mac Admins that will be managing the devices and AC2
instead of dedicating a specific master device that manages them all and then sits there doing nothing all year in the office.
I know with AC1 if the device that had AC1 setup on went down then you would have issues with DB files and settings.

We wish to just use our Macbook Pro's and have like a shared location of the DB files.
Is anyone running this kind of setup?
any best practices and tips for using AC2 for iPAds and Apple TV's along side JAMF.




I have and thank you for the Link and effort.
We have done all that and it seems to work but i was wondering if there was a way to share blueprints etc.
i have just noticed that unlike AC1 you don't get the list of supervised devices etc.

I guess with JSS there is no need for all that. its just a tool to get it setup and then JSS manages them.

Thanks again


When I was updating the Managing Apple Devices book, I spent many hours trying to figure out how to show you how to share blueprints, and ran into more problems than it's worth. My recommendation: don't try sharing blueprints between Apple Configurator 2 computers.

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I've been able to package up and share blueprints. If someone needs to edit them on a different machine, things can get a little weird but otherwise it's worked pretty well.

The only pain point is the unlock token, which seems to be saved the user's keychain and can't be exported. Not the biggest deal if you rig up an iPad ethernet-over-usb kit.

You could try using an account that's using iCloud and iCloud Keychain for any of those unlock tokens.

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Does this help?