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If anyone runs into this when trying to install the Nessus Agent with Jamf Pro: Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Package name is Tenable Nessus Agent installer: Certificate used to sign package is not trusted. Use --allow Untru...
In this example, I created a folder at the root of my startup disk. But you could also create a folder on an external removable disk. Prepare the folder to be used as a local distribution point. Option A: Use Finder to create the folder. In Finder, c...
Once upon a time, someone needed to unenroll from one MDM instance and enroll in their new Jamf Pro instance. They modified their QuickAdd package to include a preinstall script to unenroll from the old MDM instance. Here's how to use Composer to add...
Are you migrating from CiscoMerkai SystemsManager? Here's a script that @HCSTech wrote (with a tiny bit of help from me) to remove both the agent and the profile. Also you might want to see this article on how to add this as a preinstall script to yo...
Sometimes you want to add a configuration profile to a Mac during imaging.Here's one way. (I updated the article thanks to a suggestion from @macjutsu - I originally placed the mobileconfig file in /var/tmp, but we like placing items in /Library/). A...
Jamf Service Partner for Jamf JumpStart and Jamf Professional Services, Consultant, Instructor, co-Author ("macOS Support Essentials [10.13, 10.14, and 10.15]", "Managing Apple Devices", "OS X Server Essentials", "Mac OS X Directory Services"). Chicago and the world.