Apple Configurator 2 - Save Unlock Token

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Hi everyone,

In Apple Configurator 2, there is an option of saving an unlock token for devices, so in case a user forgets their passcode, they can still be unlocked. We cannot get this to work, as we get this error (see picture below). It doesn't matter if we add it to the blueprint or just try to do the action on its own, the error message is the same.


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@St0rMl0rD In my testing quite awhile ago I was unable to get an iPad to connect to a Configurator station if it was locked as it had never been connected before and did not have a Trust Relationship. This is even though the documentation says "Starting with Apple Configurator 2, supervised devices can be paired with multiple Apple Configurator 2 workstations."

However to get rid of that message you should be able to create a Supervision Identity, add it to DEP if you are using it, and import it into multiple AC2 Macs. Start with the Admin manual - I think I created mine in Jamf Pro. Then see the white paper and import the identity into your AC2 Macs.

Note that if you are using DEP the Supervision Identity will not be on a device until you configure DEP in Jamf Pro to use it and then re-enroll the device with DEP. From the Admin manual link I referred to earlier see the section "Adding a Supervision Identity to an Automated Device Enrollment Instance"

I'm sorry just to throw links at you that you may have already read - let me know if you still have questions and I can do some testing in my environment.