Apple Configurator but force users to self enroll

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I'd like to use Configurator to supervise iPads whereby I hand an iPad to a student, and she is then prompted to enroll herself into the JSS.

I've gotten as far as entering the enrollment URL into Apple Configurator, but when I supervise an iPad and set it up, it fails after trying to apply the configuration. I get error "NSURLErrorDomain error -1012".

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What version of the JSS are you running? Are you using DEP?

Make sure you have the right Certs in there as well - you need to download from your JSS under mobile device management - Apple Configurator Enrollment for Mobile Devices - Download Cert Authority

Then add that to Configurator cert under device enrollment - make sure you are using this template for the enrollment URL -

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Also, What do you mean prompted to enroll into the JSS? like the AD credentials at the setup screen?

You will want to make sure your JSS Server time is in sync with your AD time - if the iPad time is off it will not allow your to login to with credentials.