Apple Configurator troubles: OS 12.4, gen9 or Gen6 devices, new OR wiped/used

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Hi all, 

not really a jamf issue, just checking to see if it could be an Apple issue

I am using Apple Configurator 2 for setup of new devices and some re-issue Gen6 for summer school.

2 different Schools, different carts, different local network, different sync nodes, both 12.4 T2 Airs, different Prestages (1 brand new, one that's been around for awhile)

I have been using a Bretford cart for the last month to set up small sets of new Gen9 and all has been going as expected.

Add Wifi, Update iOS, remove a few preloaded apps, DEP enroll using a profile, use mut to add users. Smooth.

Suddenly yesterday I cannot get anything to make it to the finish line.

They show up in Configurator, but any action (adding wifi profile, updating iOS) leads to the devices showing the Lock and the Warning triangle and are reporting as "not booted"

I have tried quitting AC, restarting mac, turning cart off and on again, one iPad at a time, restores (revive is not an option as they are not in "recovery" mode), different user Profile on my sync node...

Both sync nodes are behaving same, yesterday and still this morning.





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I spent last week Restoring 6th gen iPads in Bretford carts as well. I only saw the lock icons if the Supervision Identity was not saved/uploaded to Apple Configurator.