Apple ID/iPad Setup

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I'm trying to figure out a way, mainly cause this is from my bossman.

We would like to force users into using an @domainname apple id...(our domain name), over whatever personal account they have.

I've looked around, but haven't found a clear cut answer for this.

From what I find, I'm supposed to create/manage the apple id's myself? Is this correct?

Or is there somethign else that I am missing. Please help with ideas/options.


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There's not a way to do this within MDM, outside of using Managed AppleIDs with Shared iPads.

The way Apple has it setup, users should be free to use their own AppleID and if you need to prevent data going to iCloud, you can set that with a configuration profile so your managed devices have those restrictions. Provided your iPads are supervised, you can also get activation lock bypass codes with the JSS, or bypass activation lock when you erase a device with a command from the JSS.

Or, if you don't want to bother with AppleIDs and your iPads are Supervised and on iOS 9+, you can use your VPP account to distribute apps without an AppleID.

Don't create AppleIDs for people. It's a mess. If they're just regular consumer accounts, there's no real benefit to those accounts being @yourdmain.