Apple Push Cert renewal confusion

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Hello all - having a bit of dumb confusion here, nervous to continue.

I have a expiring push cert in JAMF for my fleet. Looking back on my notes, I used one of TWO apple IDs to create this last year. Let's call them AppleID1 and AppleID2. I could have SWORN it was AppleID1, but herein les the problem.

When I sign into AppleID1 on the Apple Push Cert portal, I can see the APNS Jamf Cert I made last year. I hit renew, I download it, I go to upload it into JAMF, and I get the dreaded "all your devices will need to be re-enrolled" message.

So I stop, log into AppleID2 - I do NOT see any certs I made last year, and recreating the cert on the portal and uploading to JAMF shows the exact same error.

When I look at "history" of my expiring current cert, it doesn't list any Apple ID (what?!)

Anyone have any idea what's going on? And yes, I know I'm an idiot for not remembering which one I used exactly.



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Did you get a notification from Apple about the expiring cert? It should indicate which Apple ID was used to generate the cert. I literally just renewed my cert today since I received the notification so its still fresh in my mind. JAMF didn't show a history for me either.

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@jpuebs yup! I did. that's what prompted me to check. and I indeed can see last years cert still on there. but when I go to upload it, I get that error message saying it's going to prompt a reenroll. weird right?